LTH-G Series Design

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The LTH-G series integrate MileStrong new technology (common cathode) to save energyup to75%. lt’s also adopting aluminum

cabinet and substrate, which is good for heatdissipation during the LED display working.

Featuring with waterproof up to lP68, our LTH-E series LED screen can accommodate tomost of outdoor harsh environment, even

for seaside. It’ s mostly used for outdooradvertising, outdoor LED video board, and other public occasions, etc.

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LTHG Series

Outdoor Full Color LED Display(960x960mm) Specification

Common cathode partial voltage power supply, low power consumption, low attenuation temperature riselower 20C, more than 50% energy saving, more than 3 years warranty,brightness 8000-10000cd.


Ultra-Lightweight and Thinness

a standard cabinet is comprised of 6 modules, material is aluminum profile cabinet,itsweight is just 26KG.To compare with lron cabinet(35KG) and die-casting aluminumcabinet (28.5KG), the G series of LED display has superior structural design, to make thewhole of display be more light and thinness.


lt is ultra-low temperature rise, low decay, it can work normally under the temperatureof 80 degree at most, and work normally under minus 40 degree at least, moreover,it can work on seaside normally in the long run, which has strong ability for salt sprayresistance.


Waterproof IP68

Both cabinet and module are waterproof.Protect led display from rain, snow anddust in all weather.


Area chart


Big Visual Angle, High Contrast Ratio

lt is to adopt 3535LED chip, primary color is Red, Green and Blue, nice conformity, contrastratio can be up to 5000:1, visual angle can be up to above 140°, high reliability, long lifespan.


Appearance Structure


New added vent valve

For the G series of LED display, a vent valve has added in the bottomof power box, it can adjust inner gas pressure, recoil temperature riseand balance inner environment.


Structural Hard Link, Wireless Design

The product structure is to adopt hard link, wireless design,its appearance is tidy andbeautiful.


Aluminum Profile Cabinet, Lightweight, Safety and Reliability,No Distortion

FC series of LED display is to adopt aluminum profile cabinet, the weight of singlecabineis just 26KG, display module is die-casting aluminum material, it is fire

resistance, nodistortion even it is under the high environmental temperature.e





LED LED type Wavelength (nm) Brightness (mcd) Test Condition
 Red(R) SMD2727  620-625nm  440-572mcd  25°C,20mA
Green ( G) 521.5-524.5nm 1050-1365mcd 25°C,20mA
Blue (B) 465.5-468.5nm 252-327mcd 25℃,20mA
lteme Parameter Parameter Parameter
Parameter: 8mm  6.67mm  10mm
Pixe1 Configuration 1R1G1B  1R1G1B  1R1G1B
LED Lamp Full color  Full color  Full color
Densitye 15625 Dot/sqm  22477 Dot/sqm  10000 Dot/sqm
Module Sizee 320*320mm  320*320mm  320*320mm
Module Pixel 32*32-2304 Pixel  48*48-2304 Pixel  32*32-2304 Pixel
Module Thicknesse 17mm  17mm  17mm
Module Weight 1550g  1550g  1550g
Module Power ≤70.98w  ≤70.98w  ≤70.98w
Drive Voltagee DC4.2V  DC4.2V  DC4.2V
Drive Current 16.9A  16.9A  16.9A
Module Porte HUB-75 HUB-75  HUB-75
Screen Parameter
Item Parameter
Standard Cabinet 960x960mm
Brightness/Adjustment 5500cd/m2 adjustable, Level 16-Automatic / Leve1 100-Manua1operation
View Angle ≥140°( Horizonta1), ≥120° ( vertica1)
Best View Distance 10-100 M
Grey Scale Within 65536 Step
Color Temperature 11944K
Frame Frequency ≥60Hz
Refresh Frequency ≥780Hz
Input SignalContro1 Method Video, VGA/Computer control, Synchronous Video, Rea1-timedisplaye
Scan Mode 1/6 Scan
Drive IC SUM2028
Module Qty/sqm 9.7
Display Color 16777216 colors
Continuous Working Time >24 《 Hrs )
Screen Lifespan >100.000 ( Hrs) 
MTBF >5000 ( Hrs )
Max. power consumption 690w/m2
Ave. power consumption 230w/m2
 Out of control pixel rate <3/10,000(discrete distribution)
Control Distance 100M(Ethernet)500M( Multi-fiber )10KM( Sigle-fiber )
Flatness Screen Surface<0.5mm,Pixe1 Pitch≤0.3mm
Operation Temperature -10C~-+50C
Operation Humidity 10%~98%RH
Storage Temperature -40°C+85°C
Software Connection Standard Computer Connection,Compatiable With Windows、Unix、Novell
Protection System Over-temperature/Over-1oad/power/Image compensation/Nonlinearcorrection
Working Voltage 200~-240 v
Dielectric Strength 50HZ/1500v《AC RMS)/1min
Temperature Rise Metal≤40K, Insulation≤65K,After Heat Balance
IP Degree IP67
Computer display mode 1024*768
Media Player LED Professiona1 Media Player

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