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  • Outdoor led display power

    1. “The formula for calculating the power of the LED display screen is P=UI P stands for power, U stands for voltage, I stands for current, usually the power supply voltage we use is 5V, the power supply is 30A and 40A. Monochrome is 8 unit boards. 1 A 40A power supply, dual-color is 6 unit...
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  • Installation of LED display preparation and installation steps

    1. What you need to prepare to install the LED display: 1. LED display magnetic column 2. 5V 40A switching power supply 3. Dedicated cable for led display 4. LED display power cord 5. LED display frame back strip 6. LED display corner 7. LED display control system 2. Steps to install LED display:...
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  • How to deal with the fierce competition in the LED electronic display market

    At present, Shenzhen LED electronic display companies have sprung up like mushrooms after a spring rain, mainly with advantages of energy saving and environmental protection, even to the extent of flooding. Moreover, competition in the LED display market in Shenzhen has intensified, and most of t...
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  • Talking about the necessity of intelligent LED electronic display in all aspects

    In recent years, the LED electronic display market has been very popular, driving the entire LED display industry into a stage of rapid growth. In addition to advertising screens, performing arts screens, and traffic guidance screens that are widely used outdoors, indoor LED displays are also a m...
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  • Indoor P4mm Rental LED Display Case In Poland

    Indoor P4mm Rental LED Display Case In Poland

    5x3.072m Indoor Full Color P4mm LED Display 512x512mm Die Casting Aluminum Cabinet High Refresh High Brightness 62500pixel/m2 Cabinet size: 512x512mm Cabinet resolution: 128x128pixels Weight: around 8kg Cabinet quantity: 60pcs, 10pcs for length and 6p...
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