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Stand Floor Advertising Poster Screen P2.5 Full Color Mirror RGB Digital LED Display

Product Feature

  Super light, each led poster screen is around 35kg

  Easy to install and move it.

  Front maintenance.

  Control by 3G, 4G, USB and HDMI.

  It achieves to send video and image by intelligent terminal APP.

  2-6pcs LED posters can be joined together and produced a complete picture.

  Support floor standing, hanging mounting


Poduct Size: 640x1920mm or customized

Acrylic protective cover can protect the screen from water, dust and knock.


Available fram color for your choice: black, white and red.


Cascade and Seamless Connection

2-6pcs led poster screens can be perfectly spliced together.

Display same content on each led screen.


It can control by WIFI/USB/3G/4G/LAN

Play video and image via computer or phone.


Digital Posters to Gain Maximum Attention & Mileage for your business.

Application Field: Retails shop, Showcase, Bar, Shopping Mall, Hotel, Exhibition Venues, Airport etc.



This information is only for your reference because of different configuration and parameters for products.

Products series P2.5 P3
Pixel pitch 2.5mm 3mm
Screen Size 640*1920mm 576*1920mm
Screen Resolution 256*768pixel 192*640pixel
Module size 160*160mm 192*192mm
Module resolution 64*64dots 64*64dots
Brightness ≧1000CD ≧1000CD
Best view distance ≧2m ≧3m
Pixel Density 160000dots/㎡ 111111dots/㎡
Operating Temperature -20℃~+60℃
Operating Humidity 10~90%RH
Warranty 3 Years
Life Span ≧1000000hours

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